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Bath & Body

Luxury Bath and Body Products, with ranges from Naked Bee, Emma Bridgewater, Norfolk Lavender

Personal Care Products that contain all the good stuff, none of the bad stuff.

The HUMBLE range of bath and beauty products were inspired by Kate’s travels. She had been looking everywhere for bath and body products that were natural, biodegradable and wonderful to use

English luxury with a delightful Italian influence, All made in the UK using the finest quality ingredients and free from parabens and harsh chemicals and animal cruelty free.

We’ve all manner of lotions and potions in our Emma Bridgwater collection to make you smell lovely, feel lovely and look lovely too. Guests will never have felt so pampered..

The origin of the Woods of Windsor luxury bath, body & homes brand comes from a small apothecary located in the shadow of Windsor as far back as 1770. This local apothecary served not only the townsfolk of Windsor, but also the Royal family and its distinguished visitors.

ranges include - Gruffalo, Deadly 60, Miffy, Dr Who and Paddingtn Bear

Myros massage soaps are made by a small boutique manufacturer in Turkey using traditional Turkish methods that create a luxurious bathing experience.