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Arora Little Paws Collectible Figurines

15 February 2013  |  Three Little Bears

Arora Little Paws Collectible Figurines are wonderful gifts for animal lovers. With their comical expressions and fun poses they are irresistibly cute and appeal to all ages. Each Little Paws Figurine comes with a name tag to engrave with his name.

Choose a name for your new pet, fill the form in and send it off in the envelope provided, when returned back to you in the post the metal name tag will engraved with your chosen name. Look at Little Paws Wilf The Jack Russell with one eyebrow raised, and one ear folded over he has the expression of pure mischief!

Just look at the sweet expression on pretty Little Paws Tara The Yorkshire Terrier, with her little head tilted as though she's listening intently as her eyes peer at you through her flowing fringe of hair.

Arora Little Paws Saskia The German Shepherd Figurine is looking overjoyed to see you, with a big smile and that big Shepherd nose just ready to give you a welcome home kiss!

Arora Little Paws Figurines are not just pedigree dogs, although there are a whole range of beautiful breeds, there are also a range of feline friends available.

Take a look at Little Paws Tigger The Kitten, stretching out with a satisfied yawn this sleepy kitten is getting ready to play.

Cat lovers and dog lovers everywhere will fall in love with the beautiful Arora Little Paws Figurines, making them perfect gifts for any occasion